Dressmaking Tools & Accessories

Everything you need to design and make your own clothes. Chalk, tape measures, seam rippers, tracing wheels, carbon paper, etc.

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  • Milward Soft-Grip Stitch Ripper

    Every sewing kit needs a stitch ripper (also called a seam ripper or 'quick-unpick'), because we all make mistakes. Milwards brand. High quality super sharp blade with a safety ball. Premium quality, non-slip soft grip handle.
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  • Prym iron-on immitation leather patches

    Oval patches in fine imitation velour leather to iron on and to sew on can be used to hide worn places on knees or elbows and as fashionable motifs on light-weight to medium-weight outer clothing.
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  • Bodkin set

    Useful set of 2 bodkins. One flat, for threading cords, elastics, ribbons or tapes through casings and tubes in a cloth or a garment, and one round for sewing pre-made holes.
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  • Lead weight tape, 25g/m

    Tiny lead weights encased in a cord. Excellent for weighting light, fly-away curtains or even preventing 'Marilyn Monroe' wardrobe malfunctions in windy weather!
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  • Hemline tracing wheel

    For transferring pattern lines to paper or fabric. The toothed tracing wheel draws dotted lines on the material or pattern paper. Use with carbon paper for fabric or without for tracing paper patterns.
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  • Fray Check liquid

    Colourless Fraycheck liquid has multiple uses. Reinforce collars and cuffs against wear, apply to edge of curved seams before notching, stabilise rolled hems, and seal the edges of self-cut fabric motifs. 22.5ml bottle.
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  • Beeswax and holder

    Beeswax and holder for hand sewing
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  • Prym ergonomic stitch ripper with point protector

    Prym quality large stitch ripper with ergonomic, non-slip design facilitates fatigue-free working.
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