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  • Milward soft grip crochet hooks, 14cm

    Milward 14cm crochet hooks. 100% aluminium crochet hooks with colour-coded, soft grip rubber handle. Sizes listed in millimetres, 2mm - 6mm.
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  • Milward aluminium knitting needles, 30cm

    Milward brand aluminium knitting needles, 30cm. Sizes listed in millimetres, 2.75mm to 6.5mm.
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  • Stitch markers

    Designed to slip into stitches and look like tiny plastic safety pins. Securely marks the stitches and will not slip out or snag in your knit. The large markers will fit needle sizes up to 10mm.
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  • Knitting/crochet stitch holder

    Essential knitting tool used to separate stitches when knitting collars, cable patterns or when using different yarns. Hold stitches while knitting project is not in use and stop them from sliding off the needles.
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  • Knitting gauge

    This plastic standard size knitting gauge enables you to tell the size of your needles by simply inserting them into the holes. Includes a ruler in both centimetres and inches to help with sample measuring.
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  • Knit Pro interchangeable sampler circular knitting needle set

    This interchangeable knitting needle set contains:
    • 1 x pair of 4mm Nova metal needles,
    • 1 x pair of 5mm Symfonie wood needles,
    • 1 x pair of 6mm Spectra acrylic needles,
    • 1 x 60cm and 80cm cable,
    • 4 end caps,
    • 2 cable keys
    All packaged in a clear vinyl bag.
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