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  • Fray Check liquid

    Colourless Fraycheck liquid has multiple uses. Reinforce collars and cuffs against wear, apply to edge of curved seams before notching, stabilise rolled hems, and seal the edges of self-cut fabric motifs. 22.5ml bottle.
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  • Vanishing Transfer Fabric Pen

    Useful vanishing transfer pen. Use with tracing paper to transfer designs on to fabrics, woods, etc. Ideal for quilting and many other crafts. Simply trace your design onto tracing paper, using the pen, and dry iron the traced design onto your fabric. NB This pen is an embroidery accessory. Not suitable for general dressmaking/fabric marking use.
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  • Teddy/toy eyes, amber

    Amber-coloured safety toy eyes in two sizes: 7.5mm and 12mm. These are suitable for dolls, stuffed animals and bears. They have retainer backs to prevent them from being pulled out.
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  • Aida Needlecraft Fabric: 30 x 45cm, white

    Aida cloth (sometimes called Java canvas) is an open, even-weave fabric traditionally used for cross-stitch embroidery. 100% cotton. 14 count (14 squares per inch). I piece, size 30 x 45cm. White.
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  • Wooden embroidery hoop

    Even fabric tension is essential to hand embroidery and cross stitch. These traditional wooden hoops will keep your fabric taut and secure while you work and is equally useful to keep unfinished projects in good condition.
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