Sewing Machine Buying Guide

I bought my first Husqvarna sewing machine in 2004. I’d been asked to make a bridesmaid’s dress, in silk, and decided that my old – and very basic – Brother wasn’t really up to the job. My favourite sewing shop, just off Putney High Street, stocked Husqvarna Viking machines and so I came to splurge a week’s salary on the electronic Freesia 425. It was worth every penny. The experience of sewing with the silky-smooth Freesia was a world away from the clunky Brother and thus started my love affair with Husqvarna Viking. Today, I own three Husqvarna machines: the Freesia (still as good a machine now as the day I bought it); a fiercely-expensive Topaz 50 embroidery machine that probably possesses more processing power than the computers that put the first men into space; and my trusty Huskylock 905 overlocker.

Wild Ireland Haberdashery now carries 5 models of Husqvarna Viking sewing machine and one overlocker: the H|Class E10 and E20, and Emerald 118 (mechanical), the Jade 20 and Opel 690Q (computerised).

All sewing machines feature automatic threading and a 2-year manufacturing warranty, covering parts and labour. Each sewing machine purchase includes a 30-minute introductory session. Some machines benefit from a free extended warranty. Get in touch to find out more or to book a demonstration.

Which sewing machine would suit you?

Beginner or occasional hobbyist: H|Class E10 or H|Class E20 sewing machine

Now in stock. The H|Class E10 is an extremely easy-to-use sewing machine, perfect as a first machine for a complete beginner or occasional sewer, with all the essential features you need to start making clothes, home-furnishings, try a craft. The E20 is its big sister, with more stitches, extra settings, and more presser foot options. Mechanically, the E10 and E20 are similar. They both include such features such as one-step buttonhole and automatic threading, and are covered by a 2-year warranty. Click here to read my review of the E20 sewing machine …

Artisan crafter, design student, regular sewist or seamstress: Onyx 25

The Onyx 25 is the latest addition to the Husqvarna range, filling the gap left by the discontinued Emerald machines. Those who prefer mechanical machines to computerised, but need ‘beyond beginner’ will enjoy this machine. The longer sewing arm will also appeal to quilters and those who work on larger projects. We’re currently enjoying testing this machine in-store for a variety of craft and dressmaking projects.

Experienced quilter or dressmaker: Jade 20

Now in stock. The Jade 20 is a gem of a machine and would be a great buy for an experienced seamstress or quilter who is looking to upgrade to an electronic or computerised machine. The Jade 20 features a large 8″ (200mm) sewing area to the right of the needle, start/stop and speed controls that allow you to sew without the foot pedal, and an automatic thread cutter. Other features include presser foot pressure adjustment and a useful sewing guide inside the lid. The machine’s unique looks are attributable to the ingenious accessory tray that slots into the front of the machine, forming a protective case. Click here to read my review …

Quilting fanatic: Opal 690Q

The Opal 690Q is a fully-computerised machine that takes the headache out of setting up a free-motion quilting job with the touch of a stylus. It features an exclusive presser foot ‘Sensor System’ that allows perfect feeding of any thickness of fabric, a large 8″ (200mm) sewing area, and extra LED lights to enable accurate stitching in poor light. As well as these special quilting features, the Opal 690Q is an exceptional sewing machine in its own right with automatic thread tension adjustment for different types of sewing, dozens of utility and decorative stitches, including writing fonts, and a comprehensive accessory kit. Click here to read my review …