All the tools you need to your quilting projects: templates, rules, cutting mats, rotary cutting tools, flowerhead pins, patterns and more.

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  • Quilt Patterns

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  • Quilting Templates & Accessories

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  • Craft/quilt fabric clips (pack 20)

    An increasingly popular alternative to pins, these colourful little clips are especially useful where pin pricks could easily be seen, e.g. leather or oil cloth. Unbranded. 10mm x 27mm. Sold in packs of 20.
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  • Prym Omnimat rotary cutting mat (A3, 18″ x 12″)

    This double sided A3 rotary cutting mat is in orange with white markings. This cutting mat is designed specifically for rotary cutting and has accurate left and right handed grids. The surface is harder than most other cutting mats to keep your blades sharper. Grided lines on one side with measurements in inches, 12" x 18", and metric measurements on the other side, 30 x45 cm
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  • Trimits rotating cutting mat (12″ x 12″)

    No need to rotate the project - rotate the mat! This self-healing mat rotates so that you don't have to. It has a non-slip stationary bottom layer and an interlocking cutting mat that rotates 360 dgrees. Use the mat to make squares, triangles, diamonds, circles or any shape which requires turning.
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  • Hemline bias tape maker (25mm)

    Make your own beautiful bias tape for a bespoke finish to your crafts and dressmaking. Bias tape makers help to make strips of bias tape/binding quickly and easily. The width of the tape maker indicates the width of the finished bias tape/binding. 25mm.
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  • Janet Clare: Artisan Apron

    Adult's crossover apron by Janet Clare. Comfortable, customisable and fully lined. Designed to be personalised with your own embellishments. Sizes S - 4XL.
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  • Janet Clare: Little Artisan Apron

    Child's crossover apron pattern by Janet Clare. Comfortable, customisable and fully lined. Personalise this apron with your own embellishments. Ages 6 months to 11 years.
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  • Janet Clare quilt pattern: Sewing Kit

    A charming little sewing kit by Janet Clare. Designed for a single 2 1/2" mini charm pack, this would make a lovely gift for any keen sewist. Full pattern information on back of packet.
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  • Janet Clare quilt pattern: Cushions

    Quilted cushion cover designs by Janet Clare. Uses one 5" charm pack to make two cushion fronts. Full pattern information on back of packet.
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  • Janet Clare quilt pattern: Cat

    Very cute Janet Clare quilt design featuring quick machine piecing and raw-edge applique, with templates for a jointed, sitting and lying cat. Patten is suitable for most types of applique. Full pattern information on back of packet.
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