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  • Curtain eyelet rings (for use with tape)

    38mm curtain eyelet rings/grommets. Create your own eyelet curtains using these rings with the matching curtain tape. Plastic rings,available in polished chrome, antique bronze, and wood effect finish.
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  • Cord pull ends

    Weighted cord end pulls for blinds, light switch pulls, etc. Available in polished chrome and brass finishes. Approx 40mm x 15mm.
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  • Roman blind tape

    Roman blind tape. Attaches to the back of your blind to hold the cords, which can either be threaded through the purpose made fabric loops or through separate eyelets sewn onto the tape.
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  • 1mm polyester cord (for Roman blinds etc)

    Imm white polyester cord, suitable for Roman blinds, light switch pulls, etc.
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  • Clear plastic rings (for Roman blinds, etc)

    Clear plastic rings for Roman blinds, etc. 12mm, sold in packs of 100.
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  • Lead weight tape, 25g/m

    Tiny lead weights encased in a cord. Excellent for weighting light, fly-away curtains or even preventing 'Marilyn Monroe' wardrobe malfunctions in windy weather!
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  • Curtain/blind cleat hooks

    Small metal cleats for securing curtain tie-backs or blind pull cords. Available in brass or chrome. Supplied with 2 x 20mm screws.
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  • Curtain tape (for use with hooks)

    Classic white polyester 'pencil pleat' curtain tape for hanging curtains from hooks (rather than eyelets). Available in 2 sizes: 1" (25mm), for voiles and nets, or 3" (75mm) for heavier curtains.
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  • 80mm eyelet tape (for use with eyelet rings)

    This eyelet tape is exclusively for use with our 38mm chrome or antique brass-coloured grommet rings. Adds reinforcement to the top of the curtains, so that eyelets can be added securely and evenly spaced. There are 8 eyelet holes per metre.
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